Wanting to sell your home – Consider Staging

Thursday Oct 31 2013

Planning on putting your home on the market, take consideration of the buyer’s imagination. A lot of house hunters do their shopping online and want it to appeal to their eyes as their new home. Professionally staged homes can potentially take the stress and worries out of the selling process and make the selling process that much faster.

Take this into consideration when staging your home for a quick sale:

1. Boost curb appeal – People thinking of touring your home will often do a drive-by first, and decide if the spot is even worth looking inside

  • Keep your walkways swept and clean
  • Hang easy to read numbers
  • Mow the law
  • Keep you windows squeaky clean


2. An inviting entryway will welcome a potential buyer

  • Add a clean doormat
  • Potted plants
  • Porch furniture – keep the lights on for potential buyers driving by


3. Sparkle up your house

  • Shine those floors up, keep those windows spotless and gleaming
  • Clean out the grout on those counters
  • Remove nails and any scratches or scuffs
  • Don’t skimp – this step is key!


4. Clutter be gone

  • The clutter has to go if you are serious about staging
  • Temporarily store it offsite, or in the garage
  • Cleaning cabinets, surfaces, floors, cupboards will create space
  • So purge while you can!


5. Balance a lived-in and clean home – we know we just said purge the clutter but make it a warm space

  • Vases full of fresh flowers
  • Fresh produce in a nice handmade bowl
  • Bowl of lemons by the sink


6. Fancy up your dining room table

  • Set up your plates and utensils – usually this room can be overlooked.


7. Take a really good look at your floors

  • Sweep, mop, vacuum at the bare minimum
  • Steam clean your carpets
  • Have hard wood floors that have had its wear, consider refinishing them. If this isn’t in your time frame, consider a beautiful rug or carpet


8. Rearrange your Furniture

  • Symmetrical arrangements really work well
  • Pull your furniture away from the walls
  • Create ambiance with lighting, and inviting conversation


9. Sophisticated Neutral Colors

  • Rich mid-tone colors such as mocha and grey create a sophisticated backdrop that pulls everything together


10. Create gender-neutral bedrooms

  • Appeal to everyone
  • Free up your space of any personal items
  • Crisp linens, add a blanket at the foot of the bed
  • Tasteful art


We found these tips great for anyone planning on selling, or using these for a show home with a development. Catering to the buyer will have them  fall in love with your home. We read about these great tips in the El Pasos’ Home and Design Magazine Fall 2013 issue.

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