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Monday Sep 15 2014

Meet Bruce Merrifield!

Bruce Merrifield (L) with West Harbour Resident, Bob Mason.

Bruce Merrifield (L) with West Harbour Resident, Bob Reid.


The longest standing member of the West Harbour Sales Team, Bruce Merrifield has an unusual connection to the development. His daughter, Renee Wasylyk, just happens to be the CEO of Troika Developments  and the mastermind behind West Harbour! When asked how he became involved in the project, Bruce jokes, “I begged my daughter for the opportunity to sell real estate”.

 This answer is characteristic of Bruce’s fun-loving nature. His mischievous grin and booming laugh make it impossible to deny his charisma.

This grandfather of 12 recently celebrated his 45 year wedding anniversary and truly enjoys all the perks of living in the Okanagan listing ‘golf’ and ‘boating’ as favorite activities.

Described as “Charming, witty, loyal, caring, generous and fun” – Bruce is naturally welcoming, instantly likeable, and we are so fortunate to have him! Here’s more on Bruce in his own words!

How long have you been working with West Harbour?  “Since May, 2010.”

How long have you lived in the Okanagan? “We moved here from California in June, 2006. So we’ve been here just over 8 years. After retiring as a Minister, I planned on ‘taking it easy’. Look how that turned out!!!!”

What is your favorite part about your job? “Meeting new people and forming relationships with them.”

Where is your favorite spot in the Okanagan?  “On the boat, on the Lake!!”

Where is your favorite local place to eat?  “Joey’s.”

Call Bruce anytime at 250.763.6622 or visit him at the West Harbour Presentation Center. Open Daily 12:00-4:00.

“…I can highly recommend their services.” – Troika Developments Inc.

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