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Tuesday Oct 14 2014



Jennifer’s official title is administrative assistant, however she is also our resident conveyancer, operations administrator, in-house IT department, etc., etc. Jennifer is highly organized and extremely efficient and she plays a major role in ensuring that our day to day operations run smoothly. This straight shooter is an outdoor enthusiast and lists, ‘processes’, ‘formatting’ and Pulp Fiction cinnamon buns among some of her favorite things!

How long have you been working for Fortune Marketing?

J.L.:  Just over one year.

What’s your favorite part about your job?

J.L.: Learning something new each day – figuring things out. Processes.

What do you value in your colleagues?

J.L.:Quirkiness, good vocals*, reliable team members that are working towards the same goal: the success of the company. Processes.

Tell us about your everyday essentials:

J.L.: At work – a two-hole punch, prongs, labels, internet, on occasion a cinnamon bun heated up from Pulp Fiction, smoothies, and 8tracks. Having a nice view and a ‘blue-bird sky’ kind of day helps too!

At home – music, hot coffee, paint brushes, yoga pants.

Where is your favorite place(s) to eat in the Okanagan?

J.L.: Raudz, Ozekis, Pho, Theo’s in Penticton, The Jammery for breakfast, The Hobo Sandwich Shop at lunch, and barbecuing at home!

What is your favorite spot(s) in Kelowna?

J.L.: Hmm… Lonely Boy (a rock climbing destination) – for the views. I like that it’s easily accessible for a quick climb. Michael Brooks Golf Course. Summerhill Winery – the wine & meditations. Knox Mountain. Big White for powder days and frosty air!


*Note: A LOT of singing happens at Fortune Marketing Headquarters.

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