Four GREAT Homes For Sale at The Stockwell Downtown!

Thursday May 11 2017

Have you heard? There are 4 Homes for Sale at The Stockwell Downtown, ready for 2017 occupancy!

We still have 4 great homes for sale and as you can see by the progress photo below, these homes will be available for occupancy THIS YEAR!

April 2017 Construction Progress! Four Homes for Sale!

28 of 32 exclusive homes have ALREADY SOLD at The Stockwell Downtown.


The Kelowna Market continues to be hampered by LACK OF PROPERTIES for sale and our four brand new homes will be ready to move in SOON, meaning they are even more appealing to prospective buyers!

Whether you are looking to get into the market NOW as a future investment or are looking for the perfect place to call home in the heart of beautiful downtown Kelowna, The Stockwell is the perfect option for you!

Call us TODAY for information and pricing on available units or for details on our other projects !

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“…I can highly recommend their services.” – Troika Developments Inc.

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