Is Condo Living for You?

Thursday Nov 26 2015

There are a variety of benefits to living in a condo-style home. Here are some of the top reasons to choose condo living according to Lisa Salt of Remax Vernon:

1. Flexibility in Terms of Travel

People nowadays are more mobile than ever. Business trips, holidays, time spent abroad – these are all positive reasons that add up to the condo life. With a condo, you can leave your place unattended for extended periods by simply locking the door while off enjoying your nomad life.

2. No Yard to Mow

One of the biggest struggles for many busy homeowners is finding the time to mow the grass. When purchasing a condo, you generally don’t have to do this – as your condominium association collects money for the maintenance of the yard shared by the group of homeowners.

3. A More Cost-Effective Option

In most cases, buying a condo is less expensive than buying a house. Obviously, this depends on the size of the house and the condo, but in general, the property values plus the cost of living in a condo is a more affordable option.

4. A Sense of Community

Many homeowners living in a condo praise the way of living, and the sharing of space with their neighbourhood. Condo owners are placed in a closer proximity than many suburban homeowners, who live in houses with big yards separating them from neighbours. There is a real sense of community in a condo that can, for example, help in cases of emergency.

5. The Style of Urban Living

Last, but not least, is the style of urban living. What we mean by this is simply the fact that condos are meant for urban living. Saving you the space, costs and definitely some of the most common struggles with being a house owner, a condo will make sure to treat you to your utmost satisfaction by offering various alternatives to the house way of living, and, most of all, by accenting the future style of living and sharing.

“Before we knew it, signs were up, people were coming to view our units and offers of sales were being written up.” – No. 145 Cathedral Ventures Ltd.

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