The Troika Trademark: Q & A with CEO Renee Wasylyk

Wednesday Jul 23 2014

If anyone has mastered the art of delivering quality in high quantity it’s Troika Developments. With 7 professional and residential projects completed, 5 in progress and 2 planned for future development, Troika has no intention of slowing down. Relationship, integrity and excellence are among the company’s core values and have proven to be a formula for success.

Green Square Townhomes are a shining example of the innovation and affordable luxury that has become a Troika trademark. Currently in Phase 2 of construction, Green Square will host the public at a Richtfest Block Party on Saturday, July 26. In light of this exciting event we spoke with Renee Wasylyk, founder and CEO of Troika Developments, about her plans for Green Square and the significance of Richtfest.

What was your original vision for Green Square?

We wanted a quiet, modern community nestled between the most incredible amenities.  This community is complete with homes loaded with quality, luxury, and value.  We wanted to create a smart choice for smart people.

What makes this a unique community?

The mission has few developable communities.  While most of the communities in the lower mission have single-family homes, Green Square allows buyers to enjoy the mission lifestyle without the mission price tag.  This smart choice allows families to live in the lower mission in a quaint community, while still having disposable income to spend on the Okanagan lifestyle.  We have provided the best quality and value possible in the most luxurious specifications possible.

Phase 2 homes are just being completed and Phase 3 is currently under construction. What are the future plans for the development?

We will continue to build all of the townhomes and then begin to work on the multi-family site adjacent.  We are committed to making this complete community the best possible and by controlling what goes next to the current homes we ensure that the highest level of resale is maintained for our home owners.

Tell us about the significance of Richtfest?

This is a christening of the home.  It is a blessing done by the homebuilder to bestow prosperity and blessing onto the families that will live there.  This is an incredibly significant event in homebuilding in Germany, where the entire neighborhood is invited to bless their neighbors before moving in.  This event fosters community and camaraderie, while connecting the homeowners to their builder.  It is special to both the builders who put their hearts and souls into the fabric of the homes and [to the new residents as it] formalizes that blessing towards the people that will create the fabric of their lives while living in those homes.  It is a very special time to bring all of the people involved in the making of these homes together in a celebration.

What is your take on the current townhome market in the Okanagan?

Extremely positive.  The townhome market is strong and getting stronger.  I think that townhomes fulfill a market need for families and singles that want a carefree lifestyle while still belonging to communities and neighborhoods with attainable living.

Stop by Green Square Townhomes from 12-4 on July 26, 2014 for food, refreshments, and a tour of the Phase 2 townhomes.
Visit greensquare.ca for more information.

“…has shown incredible dedication and energy in representing our projects.” – Troika Developments Inc.

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