Dexter – In Our Hearts Forever

Tuesday Jan 17 2017

It is with the heaviest of hearts that we are informing you that our beloved office dog and Chief Dog Officer, Dexter, has left this earth.

As many of you know Dexter has been living with heart disease for just over a year. He had a close call last December and with the wonderful care of his parents, Don and Holly, and the amazing team at The Carrington Animal Hospital, we were all blessed to have enjoyed an additional year of his goofy smile, over-greeting and cheese-bun-stealing antics.

Over the last week his health had been again significantly declining and on January 13th, after gracing us with his presence to celebrate both Don and Holly’s birthdays (and in true Dexter spirit, he even had some ice cream cake) the agonizing decision was made to let him go.

Dexter is a founding member of this company and his absence leaves a giant hole in each and every one of our hearts. He will be dearly missed by us all but especially by his humans, Don and Holly.


You were a big dog, with an even bigger personality.  You had an infinity for food of all varieties (much like your owners), and adored all living creatures (although your favorites were squirrels and babies). Your gentle and kind soul was apparent to everyone who met you, from vendors and clients to your adoring fans, literally strangers off the streets that would come into our office solely for the purpose of petting you (this happened more frequently than you might think). Your size and goofy smile made you (and those with you) instant celebrities wherever you went. We always said ‘Dexter, you win us some and you lose us some’ due to your occasional over-greeting or random barking while we were on the phone (to be fair, if it bothered anyone, maybe they weren’t “our” kind of people anyway).  Your presence was an instant mood booster for the entire office. It’s impossible not to smile when a stuffed lamb suddenly appears in your peripheral vision and there was Dexter, 100 lbs of mischievous puppy, begging for you to take a break and play.  You touched all of our lives here at Fortune Marketing and no doubt the lives of everyone who met you. Our job postings were always concluded with ‘must love dogs’.

And love you we did.

Rest in Peace.

“…have provided a professional, energetic, and positive approach to marketing and selling our projects.” – Troika Developments Inc.

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