Say Hello to the Newest Member of Our Team!!!

Thursday Feb 09 2017

We are so happy to announce the newest member of our team: Teddy “Ollie” Warkentin.

As you may know, we lost a founding member of our company earlier this year, our Chief Dog Office, Dexter. Dexter’s loss was felt deeply in our office and we were all desperately missing the light-hearted companionship of a furry friend and team member.

Enter: Teddy.

Teddy getting his professional headshots taken!

Teddy comes to us via Castanet and has 14 outstanding months’ experience as Doodle.

We received excellent references from Teddy’s previous owner, a wonderful man who has taken a job out of province, and are confident that he will be an asset to both our company and clients.

Teddy will start at Fortune as an unpaid intern. He has already shown tremendous potential in the areas of client relations, team building and upholding office morale and with continued hard work and some additional real estate training, upper management is confident he will rise swiftly through the ranks.

Please join us in welcoming Teddy team!

“…have provided a professional, energetic, and positive approach to marketing and selling our projects.” – Troika Developments Inc.

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