Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from Fortune’s Flower Child, Pumpkin, & Rein-Doodle! If the real estate market is “scary” for you, we can help! Stop by our Real Estate […]

3 Great Developments, 1 Stop Shop

We currently represent 3 unique developments, but you can learn all about them in 1 convenient location! Stop by the Fortune Marketing Real Estate Gallery at 305 Lawrence […]

Pay Student Debt or Save for a Down Payment?

Are you in a predicament deciding between paying off your student debt or saving for a mortgage? This article plays devils advocate and guides you through a Pro/Con list […]

Introducing a New Segment: “How FORTUNATE” !

Through inadvertent observation of recent Facebook Statuses we have noted that it appears to be snowing in Calgary, Edmonton and various other areas throughout Alberta. Examining […]